The ‘This woman is beautiful’ Challenge

Sometimes, life has a way of bringing even the most confident people down. I’ve been continuing to re-examine what I talk about in this blog, as I want it to be a place of positivity and motivation for those who come to it. So this week I am going to tell you a story and follow it up with a pretty simple challenge.


When I was in college I knew this absolutely fierce woman. When I look back, I often think I put her on a pedestal because she possessed many qualities that I was envious to have. She was cool and calm in almost all of the right situations. Cruel and calculated when the occasion called for it. But in the privacy of her home she was kind and unapologetic. I know her now to also be incredibly sensitive and just as damaged as the rest of us, maybe more, but her fervor enamored me. I would spend hours on the floor of her one bedroom apartment listening to her talk, listening to her music, listening for how I would somehow absorb some of this tenacity.


There are many things I remember well about her apartment, but the one I always like the most was the fact that she always wrote at the top of her mirrors in dry erase marker. Messages to herself, messages of things for her to remember. The mirror in the hallway, which was the mirror you saw last before you left her apartment, said, “this woman is beautiful.” It quite frankly offended me. I thought, that’s super conceded, but as I chewed on the idea it grew on me. As copying is the sincerest form of flattery, I decided to discretely go home and try it on my mirror in my bedroom. The difference those words make in the way you feel before you leave the house is astounding. I started changing the text a little:

“This woman is beautiful.” “This woman is smart.” “This woman is hilarious.” “This woman is not a door mat.” “This woman deserves to be loved” “This woman is a bad ass.”

I even annoyed my roommate by leaving these messages on our bathroom mirror with the collective, “these women.” Self positive talk doesn’t have to be as ridiculous as that old SNL skit.


But sometimes we need to remind each other how awesome we are. So It isn’t a leap to where I am going with this weeks challenge and it’s certainly not a new concept. Get a dry erase marker and have at it! Mirrors, windows, shower doors. There is only one stipulation, it has to be something positive. Try it for the whole week. If you find it works, try it for a month. I find it helpful in those months where I’m having trouble motivating myself.

Keep positive my lovely readers,

❤ Evelynlouise


Naked Ladies and Handbags: The Minute I knew I was in it to win it

I have always been anywhere between a size 16 and 26 since I was in grade school. I look back at photos of myself at age 12 wearing size 16 ladies jeans trying to keep up with the late 90’s trends of peasant blouses and bell sleeves and think, why didn’t I feel more beautiful? I was a gorgeous and curvaceous red head with big blue eyes and a great personality. But the great beast of middle school can bring anyone down.

In October of 2002 I was sitting in my aunt’s salon while my mom got her hair done and picked up my very first issue of Vogue from the piles of gossip magazines laid out on trays in between dryer stations. Alexander McQueen was featured in this particular issue and this dress changed my creative life. McQueen-Fall_Winter-2002-4-200x300

Now at the time this dress was on a model with spiky black finger nails and it was photographed in motion, it was amazing! It combined my 15 year old love of gothic flowing fabrics and creepy creative details but his entire collection was just so full of imagination. I knew at 15 whether or not I became a fashion designer, an artist or a dentist I was going to love fashion forever. But my true love with fashion didn’t start until early 2003 with Dooney and Burke’s line of naked ladies  with handbags ads.

_Dooney_and_Bourke_The weird hair, the crazy braids, the awesome makeup, not to mention the amazing backpack purse made popular by movies such as Clueless and Ten Things I Hate About You. Fashion was a theatrical way of expressing yourself and did I ever express myself. I had a closet a clamor with neon shoes, lace and crushed velvet tops, corseted dresses, flowing sweaters, all in black of course, that told me I too could be part of this amazing theater production called life. Now when I look back at these photos it’s a tad embarrassing … As well, though I thought I looked awesome I could have dressed myself a tad more flattering, but my mother was more than encouraging of expressing myself, though I’m sure there were times she was embarrassed for me.


Fashion has many facets, it’s important to wear things you love and are comfortable in. Some people will judge you for making poor fashion choices *coughs* but being experimental doesn’t kill you. Try new things you never thought would look good on your body! Find something in fashion that makes you feel good about yourself, obviously whether or not you are into following the latest trends or you are more practical in your approach to dressing yourself you still have to shop at the same stores as the rest of us, even if that is a thrift store. Find something that speaks volumes about you! I fell in love with naked ladies in handbags, and after this ad I spent 3 years making the most amazing custom purses. But why naked ladies in handbags you might ask? Because no one looks fat because of a handbag, just saying.