Talk about fabulous

Here’s the full length documentary here.

This is a link to several clips from a great documentary called Fabulous Fashionistas. The documentary follows the lives of several women all over the ages of 65 and their direct connections with fashion.

When I taught a class about consumer markets I used to assign this documentary, as it opens 20 year old eyes to new possibilities in the fashion world. The trouble with fashion is that you are steeped in it 24 hours a day. Clothing, advertising, shopping, the internet, it’s all encompassing. Love it or hate it, it’s a part of our lives. But the purpose for assigning this to my students has always been to get individuals to open their eyes. This is not just a high paced exclusive industry that focuses on women in their mid teens to late 20’s. The market is broken down into niche’s and genre’s. This documentary not only gives you an excellent look at a demographic we rarely discuss in women’s wear, but it shows us that you don’t truly die when you turn 30.


I like to think that one day I’ll be 90 years old and rocking out some crazy neons or even better have my own crazy style like Sue here. Some inspiration for your week.

❤ Evelynlouise


The Uniform Project

Hello fashion lovers,

So, I know this project isn’t the latest or greatest in the breaking news on the fashion forefront, but as I think of new inspiration for fashion, the direction in which fashion is going and the need for change, this project always comes back to me as utterly inspiring.

What Project you ask? It was called the Uniform Project, and the premise was…. well why should I bore you with my synopsis? Watch the founders ted talk! The Story begins at marker :42 or if you just want to know about the dress  start at 6:15 minute 8:00 shows you what happened.



If you’re more for reading it click the story on the official site here.


I had just graduated from my fashion design undergraduate when this awesome lady started this endeavor and I had the fortunate experience of watching the project unfold when they launched their official site. I can never remember who introduced me to this project, but I can say that it most definitely changed my life. When they talked about releasing the patterns for this glorious dress I pre-ordered my pattern for $30 which felt like all the money in the world to me at the time, and I squealed with joy when it reached my door.

Before I get waaaaay ahead of myself in the reminiscing and dreaminess of this wonderful project. I remembered this project is awesome to me and relevant to this blog in two ways.

1. It was a means of using fashion to break traditional shopping cycles.

2. It educated people about a new and real issue and gave them the opportunity to make a difference. And since I’m a teacher I melted inside when it had to do with sending children to school.

Could you imagine how drastically the entire world would change if we were forced to creatively solve fashion with a uniform? Or how drastically we could cut consumption but still maintain our creativity?

This project inspires me endlessly. I think I myself would have jumped at the task if it had been a plus size dress.

Maybe one day right?


Go peruse the site! The Uniform Project

Thoughts? Feelings? I’d love to hear what you think of this awesome project!

❤ Evelynlouise