Today is my birthday…

Today is my birthday, I turn 28 years old. This year has become unknowingly about re-learning who I am. New Goals, new beginnings. I didn’t think that I could actually make it with a blog for over a year, and as I keep writing I find new things to focus on all the time. I believe next week will be about the importance of limiting water usage and how we can all do our part to save the world, but re-wearing our clothes.

In the mean time… I speak so often about learning to love your body for what it is, but I so rarely post of myself. Some of this is lack of space in my apartment for proper lighting to take non-terrible mirror selfies in my thrift store outfits and some of it is my desire to desolve in to the background. I suppose my readership doesn’t know I also play guitar and I was recently invited by the lovely and talented Zed Martinez, a local artist and photographer and friend of mine, to do a photo shoot.


What started as a fun and somewhat comical shoot resulted in a series of photographs that had me re-examining the way I see myself. I think readers, there is a different between being a conceited narcissus and learning to just inhabit your own skin unapologetically. I don’t particularly feel I am photogenic, but what a trip to be presented as such!


Thank you to all my excellent readers, I hope that you have days where you feel this insanely beautiful! You do only get one body! Might as well make the best of it!

❤ Evelynlouise



Lovely Lady Leggings…

I live in the mid-west, and for those of you who live around here, or for that matter lived anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere for the last winter knows how insanely cold it gets. The biggest bummer about the colder winter months is that you have to say goodbye to summer dresses and wonderfully full and colorful summer skirts! To add an extra bummer to ushering in the colder months, the ads for late fall and winter wear start coming in masse because the holiday seasons are on their way and stores want you to buy buy buy! I always see these adorable Christmas time spreads of unbelievably thin women rocking out their tube sweater dress and some leggings, with a big comfy fuzzy scarf and they look so warm and happy! You know what I’m talking about see this amazing walking Land’s End/ Loft/ Macy’s look below!

The underlying tones of what you have to have and who you have to be are all there! So, I’m getting a touch off point. Last year I decided I would not give up wearing my dresses. I am a dress wearer, I prefer dresses or skirts almost 9 times out of 10 over pants. So I went in search of some leggings and what a disaster!

Now Good news! For those of you who wear up to a size 18 you will be able to find an array of cute leggings and tights at your local Target! But for those of us in the larger half of the plus size spectrum, unless you want to wear only black leggings always and forever, you’re kind of screwed when it comes to selection. I finally found a pair of wide calf boots I actually like in a price range I could afford at Payless shoes this year, and I came home to look at my pitiful two pair collection of tights in burgundy and black. I knew shopping in stores was going to lead to tears, but the places I’ve found great tights, such as Mod Cloth are kind of disappointing this season. So I am raising my pumpkin spice latte in a toast this year to Torrid for having the most amazing selection of plus sized leggings on their website that I have ever seen. I own a pair of their black tights and I have to say, I absolutely love them! They are true to the sizing on the package and the cool thing about Torrid is that they have lots of online exclusives!


After also Looking through the Leggings, I remembered many of my peeves with these pant like garments. So with this I am going to throw in my 2 cents in the form of a top 3 things larger women should remember when wearing tights.

3. Just because they make it in your size doesn’t mean you should wear it. Plaid, horizontal stripes, and horizontal pattern tights are tights anyone should be wary of wearing. I love that plus size tights mean that you aren’t just stuck with solid colors, but it would be nice if they designed some patterns for larger ladies.

2. Always make sure you get the proper size. Leggings are supposed to be form fitting, but people shouldn’t be able to tell whether or not you’ve had a hysterectomy. Ladies, we are all guilty of it, but seriously I would rather have a properly fitting pair of tights that allow me to be comfortable and move freely, than a pair that are so tight that I have to constantly pull them out of my butt crack.

1. Leggings, especially in a professional setting can not be confused with pants. There are awesome new comfortable pants that are yoga pant fabric that have the cuts and shape as dress pants. They are made to be pants, but leggings were made to go under things. If you want to wear leggings as pants when you go hit the club, this is your prerogative and kudos to you for having such a positive body image, but please don’t do this to your co-workers. It looks sloppy and unprofessional, pretty wherever you work.  At least Jeggings have pockets so they just look like skinny jeans, keep this in mind as you dress for your job!

leggings2 leggins3leggings5

Some of my plus picks for Fall


Fall is coming and with it all the comforts and cuddles of warmer clothing. However, as I embark on this year I would like to see myself break my black cardigan rut and find beautiful fashions that remind me I am not only a beautiful plus sized woman, but I’m also not dead yet. With this also comes concerns of how much money I am spending on clothing and so I have compiled a few cost effective looks below.  I hope you enjoy a few of the budget friendly fall looks I’ve put together for all of you plus fall fashionistas out there! As always you can find these looks or pieces by clicking on the pictures and following the links through Polyvore.


Curve the Line – Look comes in at $153

For this look I was going for something business casual that could be worn out or to the office.  The two tone chevron sweater breaks up the lines of the body and adds emphasis on the natural curve of the waist. Black flared leg dress slacks slim the thigh and add length to the leg. Cute Knotted heather jersey ballet flats to bring a touch of interest to the feet and this super pretty mermaid scale watch and hands clutch. This look screams for some additional colorful accessories and because all of the pieces utilize neutrals each piece could easily be matched with other pieces in your wardrobe.


High Contrast Casual – Look comes in at $157

I have always been a fan of White house Black Market but I have never been able to shop there. That said I am a huge fan of the contrasts of their clothing. In this look I have paired a distressed pair of Maurices boot cut jeans with a black and white floral silhouette tank from Torrid. Overtop I have added this super sexy and sleek military style jacket with flattering princess seams. To finished this polished casual look/ night on the town look I have added patent leather mary jane flats and this awesome geometrical cut white bag with black Finnish. I think this look could be changed up with colorful camisole, different hand bags and colorful earrings and necklaces.


Fall Boho – Look comes in at $159.00

I tend to dress in muted tones. I think its a rut that many plus size women happen upon. We are told that black is slimming so we never stop wearing it. Maybe some of us are more brave when it comes to color. Bright, bold and rich colors is something many people love about fall, so embrace the beautiful hues that fall has to offer with something comfortable and colorful I have chosen this pink, taupe and teal plaid chiffon top to pair with a golden yellow cardigan, a soft jersey dark teal skirt and golden brown sued slouch boots. In keeping with the very bold colors of the the outfit I have chosen this buttery brown faux leather purse and bracelet set all with silver and brass embellishment.


These Boots are Made for Walking– Look comes in at $99

Fall is the time of year that I embrace my ability to wear a midi-skirt or lighter weight dress. The great thing about fall dresses is that you can change up your looks with new tights, shoes, scarves and accessories. I chose this rich purple lace dress because it is nipped at the natural waist and has a skirt that ends right at the knee. Paired with some vertical lined tights to slenderize the lines of your legs and topped off with a bold fall ankle boot. Make this look complete with matching accessories or pop it with colored accessories, either way this is a look that can transition from fall day to fall night.


Little Black POP! – Look comes in at $258

This look was more of an “I want all of these things, more than i care how expensive they are” kind of get together for me. However, this said the Dress and tights come in at only $86. Torrid has some amazing little black dresses out this season and I still sweat by the infinite versatility of an LBD. Fall means that the colors of spring are on their way out, but no reason you can’t give them one last hurrah by mixing them with very fall colors such as mustard yellows or bold orange or red.

I hope you all enjoyed, and if you want any of these items, like I said click the pictures, go to Polyvore and follow the links, all of these items are sold in plus sizes and can be obtained while supplies last!

Thanks readers,

❤ Evelynlouise

It really is them, not you.

To my dearest readers plus size and otherwise,

I am choosing to use this week as a “think-it-over” week for all of you out there who like myself have difficulties in the fashion world. It really doesn’t matter what size you are. Size 0-32, we all have difficulty finding comfort in our own skin. The fashion industry is a weird place. Some of it wrecks our self-image unintentionally and some of it purposefully puts before us unobtainable standards in order to get us to buy more stuff. It’s a constant push toward something we will never attain. Why? Because we keep giving them our money.


I don’t want to completely soap box you, but with the photo shop machine it’s hard for some to accept that Barbie sets an incredible high standard for human beings. She’s just a doll after all. I myself have been feeling rather bummed lately, and I think it’s time to have a nice reminder that there really are people working against you and we should all learn to embrace our bodies and encourage each other. I’m not saying let’s all go get bikini’s and bare all, I’m just saying give yourself a little body love!

You only have one remember?

My very good friend in Colorado sent me this great article about someone who has been studying in-depth the issues of plus size women and the fashion industry. It’s a good thought-provoking read, maybe a bit subversive, but it gets the wheels turning.

How Fat Bodies Queer Fashion

Keep your heads up! We all have something awesome to bring to the table. The fashion industry is too big to let one faction of it get us down.

❤ Evelynlouise