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For fear of breaking up consistency of my weekly advice, I had a family emergency this weekend and I let today’s entry completely pass me by. Please forgive me! In the meantime, here’s a pretty sweet documentary on Tom Ford. I used to let my students watch this for extra credit. I know it’s super lame, compared to my usual advice, but it will have to do.



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Pattern: Fashion Where I live.

I live in Indianapolis. Many people see Indiana as a po-dunk nowhere state where corn is grown and meth labs are housed in Wal-mart Bathrooms. In fact,  it was that exact Wal-mart, where the  bathroom meth lab was found, that I purchased most of my groceries while in college. Which, to say the least, is embarrassing. We aren’t known for a lot of super awesome things to the general public especially in the elite world of clothing. Indiana is mostly known for the Indy 500 and the Colts, neither of which are things I am interested in.

I, like many, had a preconceived notion that Indiana had nothing to offer in the way of fun and innovative ideas, let alone a place where fashion thrived.  However, it only took about a month living in the city to find that there were freelancers and successful small business owners all over the city. This and in the last 5 years a small group of individuals from Carmel decided it was time to change the way we looked at our midwestern city. They decided there needed to be more spaces in which fashion could thrive and a place where those small fashion business owners could network. This laid the groundwork for a group in Indy called Pattern.


My main reason for highlighting them this week is the fact that they just released their 7th issue of the Pattern Magazine. The great thing about this magazine, was that it was never intended to be as widely distributed as it has become, but the most awesome part was, not only did this awesome idea start here in Indiana, it features mostly if not all Indiana designers and artists and it is now being distributed internationally!

When the magazine first came out, I have to be honest I had my doubts about the longevity of the project, but not only have they continued to find new and innovative ways of using the creative minds to create fun and new publications they have also stepped out in to the world of commerce to support these local talents. In August of 2014 they launched a store that sold garments from local designers and since then have been given a state grant to create what they are referring to as a makers space. An intended small scale manufacturing operation that will give local designers and artists to utilize the tools and equipment they need to continue to work. The support of the local economy and the visibility of the magazine are continuing to put Indy on the map as one of the best places to have a small business and at that a fashion business!

So, check them out at Pattern Indy. You can also subscribe to the magazine if you are interested!

I hope you enjoy!

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Some of my plus picks for Fall


Fall is coming and with it all the comforts and cuddles of warmer clothing. However, as I embark on this year I would like to see myself break my black cardigan rut and find beautiful fashions that remind me I am not only a beautiful plus sized woman, but I’m also not dead yet. With this also comes concerns of how much money I am spending on clothing and so I have compiled a few cost effective looks below.  I hope you enjoy a few of the budget friendly fall looks I’ve put together for all of you plus fall fashionistas out there! As always you can find these looks or pieces by clicking on the pictures and following the links through Polyvore.


Curve the Line – Look comes in at $153

For this look I was going for something business casual that could be worn out or to the office.  The two tone chevron sweater breaks up the lines of the body and adds emphasis on the natural curve of the waist. Black flared leg dress slacks slim the thigh and add length to the leg. Cute Knotted heather jersey ballet flats to bring a touch of interest to the feet and this super pretty mermaid scale watch and hands clutch. This look screams for some additional colorful accessories and because all of the pieces utilize neutrals each piece could easily be matched with other pieces in your wardrobe.


High Contrast Casual – Look comes in at $157

I have always been a fan of White house Black Market but I have never been able to shop there. That said I am a huge fan of the contrasts of their clothing. In this look I have paired a distressed pair of Maurices boot cut jeans with a black and white floral silhouette tank from Torrid. Overtop I have added this super sexy and sleek military style jacket with flattering princess seams. To finished this polished casual look/ night on the town look I have added patent leather mary jane flats and this awesome geometrical cut white bag with black Finnish. I think this look could be changed up with colorful camisole, different hand bags and colorful earrings and necklaces.


Fall Boho – Look comes in at $159.00

I tend to dress in muted tones. I think its a rut that many plus size women happen upon. We are told that black is slimming so we never stop wearing it. Maybe some of us are more brave when it comes to color. Bright, bold and rich colors is something many people love about fall, so embrace the beautiful hues that fall has to offer with something comfortable and colorful I have chosen this pink, taupe and teal plaid chiffon top to pair with a golden yellow cardigan, a soft jersey dark teal skirt and golden brown sued slouch boots. In keeping with the very bold colors of the the outfit I have chosen this buttery brown faux leather purse and bracelet set all with silver and brass embellishment.


These Boots are Made for Walking– Look comes in at $99

Fall is the time of year that I embrace my ability to wear a midi-skirt or lighter weight dress. The great thing about fall dresses is that you can change up your looks with new tights, shoes, scarves and accessories. I chose this rich purple lace dress because it is nipped at the natural waist and has a skirt that ends right at the knee. Paired with some vertical lined tights to slenderize the lines of your legs and topped off with a bold fall ankle boot. Make this look complete with matching accessories or pop it with colored accessories, either way this is a look that can transition from fall day to fall night.


Little Black POP! – Look comes in at $258

This look was more of an “I want all of these things, more than i care how expensive they are” kind of get together for me. However, this said the Dress and tights come in at only $86. Torrid has some amazing little black dresses out this season and I still sweat by the infinite versatility of an LBD. Fall means that the colors of spring are on their way out, but no reason you can’t give them one last hurrah by mixing them with very fall colors such as mustard yellows or bold orange or red.

I hope you all enjoyed, and if you want any of these items, like I said click the pictures, go to Polyvore and follow the links, all of these items are sold in plus sizes and can be obtained while supplies last!

Thanks readers,

❤ Evelynlouise

Girl on Girl Crime

So, I recently re-watched mean girls, because common it’s hilarious. Not to mention we were all on one side of this in high school. With the recent media attention to bullying we are really focusing on our kids and how we can get them to be kinder to one another. But I raise you this question? How are our kids supposed to learn to not bully each other when the adults, media, advertising and industry have centered themselves on making profits out of our insecurities and our unwillingness to be like “those people”? Who are “those people” anyway? My opinion? Those people tend to embody a group of individuals that we personally find to be repulsive or are so different from ourselves that their differences make us uncomfortable. The advertising world has made a killing off of our need to maintain our social norms, whatever those may be.

This week instead of some great fashion fact or focus on how to renew your clothing, I want you to focus on you.

I present to you a challenge.

One day in the next week, while you are out and about grocery shopping, hanging out with friends I want you to really listen to what you say about complete strangers. Did you call that woman in her provocatively cut skirt a slut? Did you make fun of that man in front of you and his inability to match plaids with anything? Did you make a snap judgment about someone based on their hair style? Of course you did!

It only takes 30 seconds to make a first impression of someone. And the purpose of this challenge isn’t to get you to undo hundreds of years of socialization and daily norms that are incorporated into our culture, but instead I want you to focus on how much YOU say or do these things. Once you catch yourself berating another person you’ve never met before, hopefully internally. I want you to ask yourself why?

Why is the woman in front of me at the Starbucks wearing her juicy sweat pants aberrant to me? Why does her attire make me upset? Why do I care?

I gave myself this challenge and just the conscious effort to ask yourself why you’re judging someone based on their appearance makes you realize just how many times in a day we do this. It also makes you hyper aware that other people might be thinking or saying the same things about you.

How are we going to change this cultures views on our body image if we can’t first change the way we interact with a complete stranger who just happens to be wearing leggings as pants? ( For those of you who know me, you know this is one of my biggest fashion peeves, but I don’t solve anything by judging someone based on their lack of pants).

I could go further into a feminist ideology of how our culture is a revolving door of slut shaming and rape culture, but I think we read way too much of that in the news. This week, I want you to turn it around on yourself. What makes feel entitled to be hateful about what makes someone else comfortable? Media? Culture? Ads?

In the end when you break it down, does someone’s Crock clogs really affect what kind of person they are?

Just something to think about.



Chiffon: Only for the responsible?


Chiffon, Chiffon, Everywhere! These past  few seasons have been all about chiffon. Blouses, skirts, dresses.

The sheer light weight and very beautifully draping fabric looks good in a multitude of shades and styles. It lends itself well to loose-fitting blouses.

What do I love about chiffon blouses? You can throw on a camisole underneath and you have a wonderful silhouette viewable from the outside, but the flowing color and drape of the fabric tends to hide those lumps and bumps. I purchased myself some cute chiffon blouses from Torrid before the summer began, and they make a summer day pretty enjoyable.

Not to mention dark chiffon’s with busy patterns allow for wear without a camisole, which makes the look even more light and airy and wonderful.




However, chiffon does have its drawbacks. The worst of which it’s very easy to snag if you’re not careful. One of my closest friends was recently told that she was not responsible enough to wear chiffon. So where is this going?

Well, if you are not an avid or regular wearer of chiffon, you may see these beautifully designed pieces in stores right now and be apprehensive to give it a go. So here are my top 6 tips for beginner chiffon wearers, both for wear and care of these gorgeous garments.

1. Start with a Polyester Chiffon. Why polyester? It’s a pretty inexpensive and durable fabric, so you won’t end up paying highway robbery for silk that is not only expensive to purchase, but also costly to clean as most silk garments are dry clean only. That also said silk chiffon in my opinion snags way easier than polyester chiffon.

2. NEVER dry your chiffon in a dryer. Polyester chiffon doesn’t tend to wrinkle and it isn’t hard to care for. Make sure to wash your chiffon garments in a perm press or delicate wash on cold and when it’s done, just hang it up in the bathroom. It won’t end up being stiff like other garments when they hang dry, but it will lengthen the life of your garment.

3. Don’t wear your chiffon garments for a rigorous day. I love to wear chiffon, but I work a day job where I process paperwork and move and file boxes. This means lots of lifting, rough edges of cardboard boxes, and the sharp metal edges of filing cabinets, that are just perfect for snagging those super fine threads. Save your chiffon garments for a desk job, a relaxing evening out. If you’re going to be rolling on concrete or velcro, this is not the garment for you.

4. Start with a dark, patterned or textured chiffon to start.  Dark colors such as black, navy or brown in addition to busy patterns or a crinkled texture will hide the inevitable snarls that are bound to happen. Having a darker or patterned chiffon means that a small snag here or there isn’t going to make the garment un-wearable. Start with a darker color to find out if you’re life really is full of abrasive materials to snag this luxurious fabric. My first chiffon garment was a gorgeous knee-length sun dress. It was a black textured polyester chiffon. The garment itself with the above rules is still kicking, but I definitely had some snags to tend to.

5. NEVER pull a snag.  You see a loose thread, I know all of our first instincts is to pull it. With chiffon this is a horrible idea. What will end up happening is a larger noticeable line pucker in your garment. Since it’s a woven and not a knit, it won’t unravel if the thread is cut. If it pulled itself, gently pull the fabric along the snag and whatever thread is left over, cut with some sharp snips or scissors. It’s not the ideal, but it at least won’t keep unraveling.

6. Get your garment repaired if it’s tearing in the seam. In addition if seams are showing wear and shredding, do not continue to wear the garment before it’s repaired. Continued wear will continue to shred the fabric until there is no way to really repair the shredded fabric because you’ve turned the seam into its individual threads.

So happy chiffon wearing! It’s a gorgeous fabric and it does marvelous things, but keep these tips in mind before you go out and spend hundreds of dollars on that gorgeous cream silk chiffon blouse.

Your fashion guide,


In Living Color

To my dearest Readers,

Let’s chat about colors for a moment. If you are a stylish woman you may have thought to yourself while shopping the shelves at your local mall or boutique, “Where do these colors come from?” “Who Get’s to decide what colors each season has to offer?”

There are several companies that look at these color trends, however, Pantone is one of the most accessible so I will discuss a little of their process and then show you their color predictions. There is a fine art to the forecasting of colors, because though it is well practiced it is not an exact science. Sometimes color trends fall flat. Either because designers aren’t interested in using those colors in their design pallets or consumers aren’t interested in the colors in a season. The first steps to looking at color trending is knowing your clientele. There are many color trending companies because not all color trends are intended for everyone. There will be different pallets for children’s wear, women’s wear, teens, mens and even housewares.

For those of you who are interested in preparing for the color pallets you will see in stores months before you see them, Pantone is an excellent and accessible resource for finding out new color ways.  Pantone not only forecasts colors for many different industries, but they are also in the business of color creation. Watch this awesome video about them!

The color you saw in stores last week was in fact a color that has been on the minds and at the forefront of the fashion world for up to two years before it’s appearance on the mannequins lining the isles at your local stores. Every season Pantone takes a look at these colors and you as a consumer can actually peruse the forecasted colors and know what to look forward to on shelves months in advance. Please Check out this Fall’s colors, you’ll see them on shelves in the next coming months.

Fall 2014 Colorways.




For Summer of 2014 the color pallet was released to the public in the winter months with an interesting video of their color analysis for the summer months. To get an idea of how serious these individuals are about color you can click the link below and see their video release for the summer colors.

Spring & Summer 2014



Enjoy Putting your own looks together with these colors. Below I have added two of my polyvore sets. The first are pieces that are out this season that inspire in me a sense of summer in these color ways. The second is showing how to use accessories to take a classic such as this LBD (Little Black Dress) to coordinate with any seasons color ways.



Utilize key pieces in your wardrobe and spice them up with seasonal color ways. It can save you money and keep your wardrobe fresh.

Utilize key pieces in your wardrobe and spice them up with seasonal color ways. It can save you money and keep your wardrobe fresh.


A cooler color pallet for your LBD.

A cooler color pallet for your LBD.

Learning Color Basics through Fashion

Ever wonder why Christmas colors look so bold together? Or why you can’t seem to get certain colors to match with anything else? Some of you may already be aware of color and it’s uses. Some of you may have an art background that has given you this knowledge, but for others color is a tricky beast. Most of us have a favorite color, all of us have a color we don’t enjoy, and we all end up creating our own color schemes whether it be in our wardrobes, our houses or our lives. Some of us may apply color with a pallet knife and others of us may use it sparingly.

Today I diverge from fashion only briefly to look at color terminology so as better to explain why some things look better together than others.

Now this color description is based on pigments and dyes not on printing ink which runs on a different color set.

We always start with the primary colors (Red, Blue and Yellow). These colors are used to mix most colors.

primary colors


We Use these colors to make what are called secondary colors (Orange, Green, and Violet).


Then we mix the secondary colors with their neighboring primary colors to create tertiary colors (Red -violet, Red-orange, Yellow-orange, Yellow-Green, Blue-green, Blue-Violet).


Now within this color wheel, combination of these colors create very specific color ways.  The first is complimentary colors. Complementary colors occurs when two colors on opposite sides of the color wheel are used together. Think Red and Green for Christmas.  When these colors sit side by side they actually fight for your eyes attention and thereby look brighter.


Then when you have three colors that sit next to each other on the color wheel you get what is called analogous colors. these colors create a combination that work well together. They are very aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Think citrus colors.


When you cut the wheel in half there are groupings of colors known as warm and cool colors. Two colors can fall into both categories, Red-violet and Yellow-green. They can fit in either category based on what colors are used with them.

Warm Colors

Warm Colors


Cool Colors

Cool Colors


When you add ranges of black or white you get shades and tints respectively. This is how you end up with a whole range of monochromatic colors.


Thanks for taking an art tour of fashion with us. Think about these color schemes while planning your outfits and go crazy with whatever colors combinations you can come up with. I hope you enjoyed!

Yours Truly,