An Alternative to Shopping

A weird caveat to the typical holiday shopping crusade, I’ve been turning my own attentions at this time of year to finding ways to purchase meaningful gifts for friends and family for the up and coming holiday seasons. While this shopping craze is in no way related to a fashion blog, and you are probably pondering what soap box I am about to stand on, I simply have an interesting look at the consumption and our views of it in the fashion world. As you know from my entry on the LBD: Uniform Project entry and my ode to more sustainable wardrobes I am a big proponent of lightening our ecological foot print when it comes to fashion. Instead of entering a tirade about the horrendous amounts of things we don’t need that we purchase anyway at this time of year I instead turned to the veritable cornucopia that is the internet to provide me some alternative thoughts. I ended up finding an artist named Sarah Lazarovic, who recently released a book called A Bunch of Pretty Things I Did Not Buy about her year not shopping for anything.


I am looking forward to picking up my own copy. I read this article about the artist and her endeavors and particularly for whom she wrote the book:

This is what happens when you don’t shop for a year.

The article particularly got me thinking about the things we buy, and more specifically why do put so much emphasis on always having new clothing? You can be a fantastically wells dressed person and never spend a cent at a new retail store. However, the point that the author seems to make that I am particularly fond of, is that you don’t need clothes to define who you are. My lovely curvaceous readers, remember that no pair of pants is going to make you love your butt, you have to love it before you put pants on it.

So to kick off this holiday season I impart to you a new thought, maybe a challenge for the up coming year to consider why you buy what you do, and what it means to shop with a more conscious effort.

I hope you at least find it interesting!
❤ Evelynlouise