Fashion: My Revolving Door of Love and Hate

To my dearest readers,

I thought an editorial might be appropriate. I apologize for leaving you all in the lurch last week. Sometimes I like to see life a series of buses. You can’t stay on one for the rest of your life, you often have to change and re-route to get where you would like to be and sometimes, you just miss the bus all together. At this point you have to decide, ” Was it meant to be that I missed my connection? Will there be another bus? Or am I going to have to eat the cost of this ticket and find another bus worth catching?”

I love clothing, I’ve earned two degrees studying fashion, fashion construction, business, textiles and anthropology. I don’t think I was starry eyed for more than 5 minutes about the reality of the industry. However, as I’ve worked in the field of fashion for several years and then taught it for several more. I’ve become jaded about the actual use of fashion.

In my history courses we look at the fundamental needs for clothing:

  1. physical protection
  2. psychological protection
  3. adornment
  4. group affiliation/ social acceptance
  5. religious affiliation
  6. modesty
  7. immodesty
  8. personal expression

There are many reasons why clothing is important. However, what we do with clothing is absolutely appalling. We’ve created an entire industry that is driven by people’s irresponsible consumption of goods. We are literally killing the environment and sometimes even people in order to drive an industry that overall body shames and judges, so you will buy their latest and greatest product. I really do believe that we should be focusing on making our lives better, but in the end I don’t think a $10,000 Donney and Bourke bag is ever going to solve that problem.

On the artistry side of this, it is a magical place where you get to use your hands to make stunning garments that fit bodies well. It becomes artistic expression in the types of clothes we wear, or the way a designer/ seamstress takes diligent strides to create a gorgeous and original piece of clothing. The artistry of fashion is amazing. Sometimes I believe if we moved away from the revolving door of fast fashion and moved toward the idea of artisan fashions like we do with our foods and coffees, the world would be happier with the clothing they buy. Clothes would last longer and we wouldn’t have millions of pounds of textiles end up in landfills every year.

The gist of this? I don’t want anyone to have to give up their drinking water for me to wear a pair of jeans. I don’t want to give up the oxygen we all need to breathe so that we can all have the latest polyester tank tops for summer.

I want people to feel good about their bodies, and I would like to continue to help plus size women see themselves as beautiful in a size 8 driven industry. But more importantly I would like for all people to see their own value, and know that it lies outside of the realm of leather and lace. I would like to see us all re-think what fashion is. Judge each other less, love ourselves and the environment more and finally do away with boring and unnecessary wastes of natural resources.

What does this mean for Evelynlouise as a blog/ advice column? I haven’t decided yet. Fashion has been both my life for the last decade, but it’s also been a daily struggle against the current values of the industry. So I will be taking a moment to re-group and hopefully come back to you in the next few weeks with a new outlook on where I would like to see this blog go.

I realized as I have been highlighting some of the atrocities of the industry, that it’s one thing to stand on a podium and rant and rave about the end of the environment, it’s another to actually go out and make a change. Even Al Gore can’t live by his own sustainable suggestions as he spent most of his tour for the “Inconvenient Truth” flying around in a private jet and using more Kilowatt hours in his own home than takes to power an average city block for a week.

We can’t start a movement writing articles about how we should implement the changes either. We have to actually do them. If any of you would like to learn more about pollution or sustainability, or have any other ideas for potential future blogs, please let me know. I’ve just been struggling for a while now with the concept of helping ladies with luscious curvy calves find boots, when those boots are made to fall apart after 3 months of wear. I am open to your suggestions!

Thank you all for your readership, I hope the new direction is a positive one and we all have something to gain from it.

Yours Always,







Stress Dressing: Dressing in a Pinch


The reality of my world as far as stress dressing is concerned, and I confirmed this with my significant other, usually has two modes. The first is when I am just having a general day of being busy, frustrated, or down is usually improved by the ability to wear jeans (this can’t always happen with my job, but I have a nice pair of black dress slacks for those days. I have one pair of jeans, that no matter what kind of day I’m having fit like a glove (Thank you stretch denim). I usually always pair this with a comfortable cardigan or sweater. Sweaters to me look classy and they just feel really good on your body. The second mode is on the other end of the spectrum. When I am having a day of high stress or uncertainty and I am feeling really uncomfortable with myself, I will make sure to take the extra time to put in to my appearance. The simple task of putting on some mascara and eye shadow, a pair of earrings and a very nice dress will change my whole outlook on the day. I guess it’s that old “dress for success” concept.

Whatever your level of stress dressing, my basic advise is to simplify everything. Overthinking gets us all in trouble. To build off of last week’s entry about simplifying your wardrobe, I think it’s really about being more comfortable in your skin. I’ve said before and I will say it a million times, if you feel terrible about who you are, no amount of stuff is really going to make it better. It may temporarily relieve your feelings, but you’re looking to lighten your load over all. Stress is usually caused by this oppressive amount of stuff that has to be completed in a timely manner. It can be caused by a multitude of things you can’t control, and wouldn’t it be nice if looking your best wasn’t anywhere on those lists?

I was asked to elaborate a little about my personal go-to pieces for days when I’m not at the height of my game, so here are my best suggestions for on the go wear that makes the whole process a bit more streamlined. You may not like my choices, but that’s the glory of fashion. Find your own go to pieces that make you feel awesome! It is in the end you who has to wear it.

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 11.55.02 AM

Evelynlouise’s top go-to pieces.

  1. Shoes. Own at least one pair of classic black flats, that have enough arch support and padding that you can stand in them for hours or just slip on for a day of lounging. A pair of slip on flats will dress up an outfit more than a pair of sneakers, but they should be comfortable enough that you don’t mind doing a multitude of tasks in them. Some women feel this way about kitten heels. Personally, I say black leather flats.
  2.  A little black dress that fits like a glove. It is perfect for almost anything except for a rodeo or a formal event. You can dress it up with jewelry or sweaters. Color or go as simple as possible, just like Audrey Hepburn. If you’re not a dress person I would say a nice pair of black slacks is a good place to start and a well fitting black top. Why black? It’s slimming, it hides lumps and bumps, it creates an elongated and continuous line with your body, it matches anything including the aforementioned black flats, and it’s just classy!
  3. A cardigan that you just can’t stop wearing. In my not so humble opinion, the perfect cardigan sweater should feel like a hug on your bad days, a snuggle on your ‘sitting at home reading a book’ days and a professional asset on your work days. I suggest splurging on a good sweater, heathered or tweed to punch up the class, and something that has some shape (not just a sack). And you know what’s great about a cardigan? You can wear it with that Little Black dress and your flats and feel amazing.
  4. A pair of classy earrings. Single set diamond, pearls, something that you find beautiful. You would be amazed at how far a pair of earrings goes to class up your whole look and make you feel like you put more effort into your look than you really did.
  5. At least 1 blouse. I usually go with a color that compliments my eyes or black as it is slimming.  I love blouses that don’t cling to my midsection, I tend to also lean toward knits, and I like a blouse to have at least one interesting detail such as a lace neckline, or princess seams. If I can wear my cardigan with it, this is a bonus for me.
  6. A nice fitting pair of jeans or slacks. Again right now I have a pair of dark wash skinny jeans that just feel amazing on my body. I’ve discovered as I get older, nothing makes me crabbier about wearing pants than a waistband that digs in to my stomach. Buy a pair that fit. Hem them, and you are good to go.

I think for me the elements of stress dressing come down to having those interchangeable wardrobe pieces. I hope this was helpful fashionistas!

❤ Evelynlouise


Fashion Bucket Lists

I read this really interesting article/ well blurb really/ in Harpers Bazaar called “The Fashion Girl Bucket List.” It certainly got my wheels turning as I too have fashion goals that I would like to obtain. When I was a teenager one of those fashion goals was to one day have a closet full of vintage inspired dresses and garments so I could play up my love for old time movies. I have mostly obtained this goal.

This list got me thinking, when it comes to fashion, what are our own bucket lists?

I also don’t think that bucket lists have to include 100% obtainable goals. I know my list isn’t too terribly comparable, but here are my top 5 fashion bucket list items.

Do you have any? Leave in the comments below!


Evelynlouise Top 10 Fashion Bucket List:

1. Have a custom made and tailored 1950’s gown and an event to wear it to.

2. Put together an ideal look on Polyvore and be able to purchase all of the items.

3. Own a cashmere cardigan sweater, preferably in peacock blue or royal blue.

4. Obtain a beautiful engraved ring from Tiffany’s.

5. Someday be able to afford a designer handbag, preferably from Burberry or Dooney & Bourke.

Hair: Just Do it!

So, I’m going to get on my soap box for a second about you ladies out there who torture your stylists with the words,

“I want something completely different, but I don’t want to take any length off.”

It’s hair for god sakes, it grows, even after you die! I know that we attach to it the source of all our mysterious mystical lady powers, but seriously sometimes you can change your whole perspective, outlook on yourself and demeanor with a new hair cut. I have had hair style ranged from the quite crazy.


All the way to tumbling past my shoulders (now, my hair was only past my shoulders for 3 life events, my senior pictures, my senior prom and my wedding).


I have had every color of hair you can think of as well, Green, blue, hot pink, brown, black, neon red, purple, yellow, orange, etc. My natural hair color is red so I know this puts kinks in a lot of tails when it comes to my choices to destroy the ever loving crap out of my hair with boxes of bleach, but sometimes  girl has to give things a whirl.

What is the point of this meandering soap box? Cut your damn hair! Pixie’s are super cute right now, and just because you are a big girl doesn’t mean you are going to look bad in short hair. Rocking short hair shows a lot of confidence. Pay attention to face shapes. If you have a square shaped face, don’t pick a pixie cut on a round face, even the best stylist isn’t going to make you look like the celebrity who’s photo you bring in to style your hair. In 2015 take a leap of faith and find a hairstylist you trust and go for it! The worst that can happen is that you hate it and in a few months, you can go back to that boring straight mane of hair that you sweep into a pony tail half the time anyway.

hems for her growing out pixie cut short bob plus size

Get brave go short!


Take before and after shots, and the best part! I’ve been able to do this twice and it feels amazing, if you’re losing more than 8″ of hair, you can donate it to locks of love even it it’s dyed or permed.

This year for me is about figure out some more details in this life puzzle, and I can tell you ladies confidence makes all the difference! If you don’t like the way you feel or look, you have the power to change it!

Take care lovelies!

❤ Evelynlouise

Happy Holiday’s!

Hello Everyone,

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas, or a Happy (insert the holiday you celebrate). I am taking this week of informing you about loving your figure and caring about the environment on a hiatus. Go out there, give lots of hugs, drink some wine, enjoy your families and friends and have a happy Holiday! I will see you all next week as we say goodbye to 2014!


Truly Yours,


Ugly Christmas Sweaters, We didn’t even need to look

Let’s be real here, finding ugly plus size clothing is super easy! I think about any time I’ve walked in to my local Goodwill and the number of themed teddy bear sweaters I find from the late 80’s early 90’s. Not to mention the infamous themed woven vests.



Any of you who had aunts or Grandmothers who were at all in to sewing, quilting or crafting probably have the late 80’s early 90’s Christmas swag to prove it. My favorite of which were the cut out quilt square sweat shirts, but anyone who had anyone crafty had a puff paint appliqué sweatshirt.


TBH, I’m surprised these haven’t made a come back with all the weird 90’s stuff. Anyway, the ugly Christmas sweater craze has gone so far that there are now companies producing ugly sweaters on purpose so that you will buy them. When I discovered this all I could say was, “What? why?”

We come up with a lot of wasteful ideas, but why on earth would you waste perfectly good resources to make new ugly sweaters, when there are plenty of them out there! Save a sweater from a Landfill. Because doesn’t making brand new mass manufactured sweaters completely defeat the entire purpose of the ugly Christmas sweater competition?

It’s about finding the perfect atrocity. That said, check out this site The Sweater Store, they have a plethora of second hand styles to choose from, just for your holiday competitions.



Happy Hunting!

Thanksgiving, not just for tight fitting pants you know

To my dearest fashionistas,
As the holidays are fast approaching (Tomorrow), I can never make it through a thanksgiving without really thinking about the things I have been fortunate enough to have consistently in my life. Clothes, shelter, food, and loved ones. There are many things that we really consider on Thanksgiving, I’m sure we all have something we are grateful to have in our lives. But what about fashion, Evelynlouise? This Thanksgiving, I issue a challenge to you all my lovely fashionistas. Storm your closet!


That’s right! Storm the living crap out of it, pull out clothes you don’t wear, sweaters that are okay, but not your favorite. Coats that are still gorgeous, but you’ve moved on. Pull out your jewelry, be honest. Your shoes. All of it! When you have a sizable (because you know you have crap in there with the tags still on it and you’re never ever in a million years going to wear it) pile, remove the things with holes, broken clasps, missing buttons. Put those things in a bag for Goodwill, because they will recycle it. Then all the stuff you have (if it needs it) wash it. Wash it with your best scent boosting detergent, dry it, fold it nicely.

Go through that hoard of bath and body products that you have in your linen closet and grab all the stuff you’ve been collecting for the past four Christmas’s and give it a new home.

What’s next you say?


Get on the phone, call your local women’s shelter, your local YWCA, your local youth group home and ask them where you can drop off a donation of quality clean clothes and toiletries.

Why these places when I can just give it to Goodwill or Salvation Army?

Because while it’s a great feeling to rid yourself of the things you don’t use, these are still businesses who turn a profit from the clothes and donations you give them for free. All the way down to the ratty jeans you donate which they sell in bulk to companies to recycle and turn in to stuffing, insulation and industrial rags. But if you don’t have extra money to buy clothing, this means Goodwill too. Many of the individuals who live in shelters have jobs, they work just as hard as you do, and some are looking for something better.

When I volunteered at the YWCA in college many of the women who lived in the shelter were plus sized, and it was difficult enough to find them clothes at Goodwill that looked good on their bodies, and the money was a luxury many of them couldn’t afford. Imagine, that pant suit that you bought that’s still hanging in the closet with the tags still attached could be a fantastic interview suit and a new career path for a woman who has found herself in a place she never intended to be.


This is a challenge to give of yourself. Fashion for me is a shared experience that we all enjoy as a society and in my humble opinion we can share with those around us who also deserve as much as the next person to be pampered and treated. If you don’t have a lot to give, get your friends together, make it a group effort and when you’re done sorting and folding and putting together a care package for that local shelter, go out together and be thankful that you have each other.

If you have extra money to spare, ask the shelters if there are things they need. I’ve donated to shelters in the past and I always called to ask them what they needed most. Some of the requests were things I’d never thought of, such as crafting supplies, diapers, baby bath products, puzzle books, books, etc.

I think so many times of how grateful I am to have the things I do. This time of year I think all of our hearts soften just a touch. I wish more often it was a year round effort, and for some it is. This challenge doesn’t cost you a cent, but it could really mean the world to someone who needs it.

Spread some love, with the things you love!

❤ Evelynlouise

Your date may not be a serial killer, but your wardrobe might.

I was recently approached by one of my long time friends about co-writing a blog about what fashions to wear on a first date, especially an internet first date. My friend has been keeping track of her crazy adventures into the internet dating world through her blog  Ps. Please Don’t Be a Serial Killer (Note: NSFW and if you are easily offended by open sexuality or the F-bomb, just don’t click on it). She asked me if we could write something about tips for dressing on the first date. However, after discussing and having read many of her experiences I feel that there should be a two pronged approach to this advice column. So many are rushing to the internet to find their soul-mates and while I think that it certainly opens up the dating pool, you have to be careful. So heed her cautionary tales, and some advice for making a great first impression or an immediate exit.

I will hand it over to her.

First date nerves. They can at times be a combination of exciting butterflies, and the awful pit in your stomach you get right before you shit your pants. Dating is hard…especially when you have a tendency to shit your pants. Think about it. If you’re an online dater, you spend time messaging someone back and forth. You spend time texting them, thinking about them, and wondering if the connection will be this strong in person (or if they’ll look like Shrek’s cousin and barely know how to tie their shoes). You’re also worried if they will like you as well. Our ego’s come into question and sometimes we allow our insecurities to get the best of us. Most of us try to make a decent impression on a first date. (I say most of us and NOT all, because I once went on a first date with a man who showed up in a holy wife beater. It didn’t work out in the long run-I needed someone who could afford his own Meth). Therefore, Jblondie decided to reach-out with her favorite fashion guru, Evelynlouise, and brainstorm some ideas on how to present your best self.

When wondering what to wear for your next dating adventure, think about three things:

Simple. Fit. Comfort.

  • Simple: I’ve made the mistake before of “trying too hard” on a first date. I was overdressed for the restaurant we went to, and he was underdressed. We looked like a mismatched couple right from the start. Needless to say, things didn’t improve from there. From then on, I promised myself I’d simplify for the first date.



    • Evelynlouise Tips: Try to shoot for garments that accentuate your most flattering features. Do you have beautiful blue eyes? Find a shirt, sweater, scarf or jewelry that draws attention to your face. Do have gorgeous hair? Let it do the talking, let it down don’t go crazy with the product
    • If it takes you 15 minutes to unroll your spanx just to go pee, you have already over complicated it. You’re clothing shouldn’t be a labyrinth of buttons and zippers, or so many accessories you’re too worried about which of your 15 earrings fell out that you can’t pay attention to the conversation. Don’t overcomplicate it for yourself!


  • Fit: The largest turn-off to me when I first meet a gentleman caller is lack of self-awareness. If a guy shows up in a button-down that looks as if he barely fit into it 15lbs ago, I’m immediately disappointed. It has nothing at all to do with weight or vanity (I crave men with some meat on their bones)…but knowing how to dress your body is an important skill to have in the adult world. The same can be said for you. Pick a garment highlighting your assets. I usually wear a sweater that accentuates my fun-bags. ☺



    • Evelynlouise Tips: For bustier fuller figures think princess seams. Or if you’re a fan of the blousier look, go for a top that accentuates your chesticles but flatters the tummy. Chiffon tops are really in this season and the great thing about them is that they can be layered and show off your amazing curves at the same time.
    • Leave some of your body to the imagination. Even if your date is from Adult Friend Finder and just an intended hook up, EVERYONE loves a little mystery.


  • Comfort: Some of us are more comfortable in a sundress then jeans. Others can’t live without their chucks. Comfort is usually lacking during a first date, so allow your outfit to be one thing that provides you with a little. Now granted you should try a little harder than jeans and a t-shirt, but pick an outfit with a relaxed overtone.
    • Evelynlouise Tips: The point of a first date is to make an impression, and how better to make a great one, than if you are confident and collected in an outfit that speaks volumes about you as a person. Clothing is a type of expression. Let your outfit say something about you. Do this with color and styling. If you hate dresses, don’t wear one. If you’re really modest, then don’t go out with your Ta Ta’s as your focal point. If you fall in heels, wear some flats. Let your confidence shine through in the way you put yourself together. Let your date know you love yourself!


Now that we have some tips laid out for you, I started asking JBlondie about her experiences with her date’s reactions to her clothing, and man did she have some stories to tell. So here are some definite red flags.

JBlondie’s Top 3 things your date should NEVER say about your clothes on a FIRST date:

  1. “Why are you so dressed up?”
If a guy/gal says this they’re an ass-hat. Even if you ARE overdressed for the occasion, the first time you meet someone they should only be complimenting your outfit-not questioning it.
  2. “What made you pick _____ out for tonight?” 
AKA…they really don’t like it (even if they say they do) and they also don’t have a filter from their brain to their mouth.
  3. “You’re better looking than I thought you’d be.” 
Yep. That actually happened. I suppose I could’ve taken it as a compliment…but I didn’t. Never say this. Just don’t.


Lastly, in keeping with our top threes, here are JBlondie’s and Evelynlouise’s top 3 fashion “Dos” for a first date:

1. Cute shoes: Flats or heels make it work for you girl! Just make sure you can walk. And guys? Don’t wear tennis shoes… a “no-no” for the first date.


2. Something to accentuate those soul-windows! You know, those things approximately a foot above your fun bags? For ladies, we recommend special attention to your make-up. For you gentleman callers, choose a shirt color that really makes your eyes pop!




3. An appropriate handbag/wallet. Girls, don’t be a bag lady! Keep your purse on the smaller side. Guys, …justmake sure your wallet isn’t made of duck-tape and does not have Velcro. Yes, we notice those things and no, you’re not 16 y/o anymore.


Side Note: It’s not just important for you to look your best, but your date should also be feeling those first date jitters. If you LIKE what your date is wearing. Tell them! I’ve often found that men I’ve dated for a while will only tell me their first impression of me after some time has passed. And sometimes, you need to open your mouth sooner. For example…

“when I first walked up to you I couldn’t help but think how cute you looked.”

Ummmm …why didn’t you just say that then? I found myself wondering later on. I probably would’ve liked him better honestly. No reason to fawn over your date, but if you like their shirt tell them! If they’re looking fine as hell…say it! I usually always try to find one thing on my date to compliment. I like to see his response (very telling of his ego usually).


I hope you enjoyed this weeks collaboration, and found it enjoyable!

See you next time!

❤ JBlondie & Evelynlouise


Halloween Real Talk

Halloween is by far one of my favorite holidays. I think it’s always been because it’s the one holiday out of the year that you don’t have to get too stressed out, it’s about having fun and no one has a screaming match over who’s mashed potatoes have the best consistency (unless maybe you’ve had one too many jello shots). My parents weren’t ones to take me trick-or-treating as an infant to reap the rewards of my adorable leg rolls, but I can remember my first halloween costume. It was a two piece set of pajamas and I was a pumpkin complete with hat. My mother let me run around the living room in it while trick-or-treaters came to the door to get their candy. I think my dad took me to the neighbors, but I could’t wait to get to go trick or treating for real!

My mother was a wizard at making creative halloween costumes, and I had a pretty kick ass witch costume complete with hand made broom. However, one of my all time favorite costumes was this bad boy. A super wicked awesome dinosaur!  Looking back, the dino mask looks a little special, but I was most definitely pleased. I believe this is also the first year I got to go trick or treating. I was 4.


Now, as you prepare for your Halloween season I’m sure many of you may already have some awesome ideas, but for those of you who enjoy a store bought costume here are my Top 5 tips for making any costume look better on your body! Well unless you’re going for the most gruesome disgusting costume ever, and if this is the case have at it!

  1. Get some Spanx. Even it’s Walmart equivalent, it will help smooth out lumps and bumps on your body. Those store costumes are not made to hold in anything, they are generally really cheaply constructed. This tool is my #1 advice for liking your body in a thin knit dress version of your favorite ghoulish character.  
  2. If Spanx aren’t your favorite, you’re wearing a dress costume, or you are afraid of how short your skirt is I recommend a brand of nude panty hose called Assets. They are pretty inexpensive, come in plus sizes and not only smooth out your tummy and back side, but they also really smooth out your legs. In addition to this they add some added warmth for wearing outside in the crisp fall weather.
  3. Get some real accessories. Nothing takes a flapper girl costume from looking cheap and fake to super awesome and old timey like some real accessories. What do I mean by that? Go to you local vintage store, Goodwill, even Claires and find some real metal jewelry, rather than the plastic stuff that comes in the kits. I promise you, it’s what they photograph those models with and then send you the cheap knock offs. It doesn’t have to be expensive to complete your look.
  4. If you are not a heel wearer, no amount of spiced rum apple cider is going to make you a heel wearer. The biggest mistake of all of my friends in college was thinking that All Hallows Eve is the night that your feet will magically be transformed into dainty elegant dancers. If you can’t walk in heels in your normal life, avoid them. You will have more fun and still be super cute in flats. No one wants to hear you whine about how much your feet hurt.
  5. Ladies, Let’s have some real talk. It’s perfectly fine if you want to dress as the “slutty” version of a small animal, but have some dignity buy the right size costume.  I know it’s difficult some times to admit that you wear the 4x to the gentleman who is handing out the halloween costumes at the costume shop, but he’s been working in this business long enough to know that there is no way the size Medium is doing anything for you or the polyester knit enclosed in the plastic envelope.

Now that that is out of the way! Have a great time! If you don’t have a party to attend see what some of your local bars or social clubs are doing. Enjoy your version of Halloween even if that means eating too much candy and watching scary movies on the couch!

Curvaceous Halloween

Hello October!

This year I have to say I’m a bit unprepared for the Halloween season, but in the midwest Fall is one of the most coveted seasons of the year. Be it the pumpkin spice everything, Halloween, or football season (not my cup of tea), almost everyone I know gets super pumped about this quarter of the year.

This will not be my only entry on Halloween, but to get all of us in the mood I’ve decided to highlight some super awesome classic costumes. If you just can’t live without any of these costumes please click on the pictures and it will take you to the link where you can purchase them.


A fun and colorful take on the Skeleton.


Our Classic Lady of Darkness, Ms Elvira.

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 3.07.37 PM

A Disney Villan.


Pirate Costue/ Add different accessories and it totally works as Steampunk




Sexy Animal


Super hero


Classic Horror

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 3.27.05 PM

Sports- Even though I am not a huge sports fan, this costume is just too stinking cute! A Legue of Their Own!


I hope you enjoyed and tune in next week for my tips and tricks for a better fitting/ looking/ feeling costume.

❤ Evelynlouise