Evelynlouise Clothing & Co.

Bio: My name is Jessica, I am an artist, designer, and general maker of things. I graduated with my undergraduate from Ball State University in fashion design and fine arts in 2009. Since then I have also graduated with a masters degree in fashion merchandising focusing on small business and anthropology. I have worked in the world of costuming, independent contracting for fashion, small business fashion start- ups, taught at Ball State University and currently teach at the University level, although it has transitioned into one class a quarter I started this blog as a means to network with consumers of the fashion industry and to share ideas, tips and tricks about how to better dress a plus sized body. My original intent had been to target plus size women and continue to encourage their self-esteem in a world where sample size 8 is still the standard for runway models. I had hoped to gain more traffic and feedback from those around me so that one day I might open my own boutique. However, what this experience has opened me to is the continuously changing environment in which we live, and that style tips aren’t all that’s necessary to get through life fashionably. My continued mission with this blog is to create a creative and encouraging environment for all women to see themselves as beautiful inside and out and to encourage everyone to be more mindful of our consumption. I hope you enjoy this sometimes-eclectic assortment of weekly fashion tidbits.

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