Evelynlouise: New Years bring New beginnings


What a serendipitous event that my last entry of the year should fall on the last day of 2014. I have been contemplating for weeks how to end the year on a note of positive and encouraging advice for all of my readers, and what a better way to discuss that than the false hopes of New Year’s resolutions.


My goal with this blog over everything else was to create a positive space for fashion to exist for plus size women. I wanted to be inclusive to anyone who loves fashion and I wanted above all else to do the opposite of what many fashion magazines do. I wanted to create an encouraging environment for positive body image and social awareness. Fashion is supposed to be fun and an expression of self, not a place of doubts, self loathing and body fear. The industry is good at playing on these insecurities to get you to buy more things.

New years resolutions are touted at you from your television and will be for the next few weeks leading up to and shortly after the new year begins. Gym memberships sky rocket during this time as do health food sales and the sale of exercise equipment. New year’s resolutions at this point for adults tend to center around weight loss or body image. You will undoubtedly have an absolutely beautiful co-worker who grabs hold of there flat stomach and say, “Gawd, I gained so much weight this year, my new years resolution is to stop being realistic about my body expectations and set myself up with a plan to fail.”

Okay, maybe they won’t say that, but the message they deliver is essentially just that. And it’s the same for everyone, fit or not that we will some how miraculously become lovers of kale and juice cleanses and relinquish our desire for french fries and chocolate.

For 2015, I would like to put forth to you my readers a challenge of setting positive realistic goals instead of resolutions. I feel that goals are more obtainable in the sense that we understand as a culture that a goal is something you work toward. We understand it takes time and effort. Resolutions are so tied with our societies need for instant gratification, and when we don’t obtain that immediate result or we don’t gradually build up to whatever high feat we’ve set for ourselves, we always fall short.

I think it’s also important to share positive goals and to encourage those around you. I hope you all find a positive goal to work toward in 2015. Here are my top 5 goals for 2015 as they pertain to this blog and where I hope we will journey together in the new year.

Evelynlouise’s Top 5 Improvement Plans for 2014:

1. Be more positive about my body! I will not be motivated to go the the gym if all I do is beat myself up about my bowling lady arms. In fact, this self hatred will only lead me down a deeper rabbit hole of body hate. I will have bad days, but I will take time in my journals, in my speech to try and speak more positively about myself.


2. Be more encouraging of myself to realize goals. I think we all experience that sense of defeat from time to time. Sometimes we really are our own worst enemy. This year I will continue to try and use positive speech to keep pushing myself forward, learn from my mistakes and move forward.

3. Be less judgmental of other appearance. As I’ve been writing this blog it has become more apparent to me how many times a day we judge another person. It usually always comes down to someone’s appearance. Because of this I have already been taking steps to stop and ask myself, “why am I being such a mean girl today?” Who is that person? Maybe they are more happy with who they are than I am.


4. Be more encouraging to others. In follow up to not being such a mean girl, I think that sometimes you’re positive self talk only goes so far. We as human being seek the approval of others. This year as every year I hope to find ways to be more encouraging and loving to those around me, to keep their positive fire going. I really do think it’s a group effort


5. Be more conscious of the ecological and social impact my consumption has on the world. I’ve already started doing more research on the ethics of the fashion industry. It goes so much deeper than learning to donate your clothes to Goodwill. We as a culture have to stop consuming at such an alarming rate or discussing fashion will be the telling of a horror story that contaminated all of our water, and used up all of our farmable land. We not only have to continue to strive to consume less, but to understand we drive the markets that are creating such a negative impact on not just mother earth, but the lives of people making the products.



Thank you for following my lovely readers! I hope to see more of you in 2015, and please, if there’s a topic you would like to see me discuss, feel free to leave it in the comments below! I love suggestions!

Happy New Year!

❤ Evelynlouise



Happy Holiday’s!

Hello Everyone,

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas, or a Happy (insert the holiday you celebrate). I am taking this week of informing you about loving your figure and caring about the environment on a hiatus. Go out there, give lots of hugs, drink some wine, enjoy your families and friends and have a happy Holiday! I will see you all next week as we say goodbye to 2014!


Truly Yours,


Ugly Christmas Sweaters, We didn’t even need to look

Let’s be real here, finding ugly plus size clothing is super easy! I think about any time I’ve walked in to my local Goodwill and the number of themed teddy bear sweaters I find from the late 80’s early 90’s. Not to mention the infamous themed woven vests.



Any of you who had aunts or Grandmothers who were at all in to sewing, quilting or crafting probably have the late 80’s early 90’s Christmas swag to prove it. My favorite of which were the cut out quilt square sweat shirts, but anyone who had anyone crafty had a puff paint appliqué sweatshirt.


TBH, I’m surprised these haven’t made a come back with all the weird 90’s stuff. Anyway, the ugly Christmas sweater craze has gone so far that there are now companies producing ugly sweaters on purpose so that you will buy them. When I discovered this all I could say was, “What? why?”

We come up with a lot of wasteful ideas, but why on earth would you waste perfectly good resources to make new ugly sweaters, when there are plenty of them out there! Save a sweater from a Landfill. Because doesn’t making brand new mass manufactured sweaters completely defeat the entire purpose of the ugly Christmas sweater competition?

It’s about finding the perfect atrocity. That said, check out this site The Sweater Store, they have a plethora of second hand styles to choose from, just for your holiday competitions.



Happy Hunting!

Great Plus Vintage Buys

You don’t think I would leave you with that intellectual entry with no redemption did you? At the heart of it all I still do love fashion, I just want to see more of us take care of our earth as much as we take care of ourselves.  To be honest it doesn’t matter how cute you look if you’re dead because there is no more oxygen. As you start adding must haves to your wardrobes I always love getting back to vintage fashions to keep up classic looks. However, sometimes finding vintage fashions that fit is a difficult task, so I’ve linked some of my top picks of vintage plus sized garments and the stores where you can purchase them.


Hello, Joan Holloway just called and said anyone with a lots of curves should wear this dress. Can you imagine this with the array of colorful cardigans in your wardrobe? I can, especially since Pantone has been using this blue and it’s like shades as a neutral color for several years now. The dress needs a little TLC, possibly a new buckle but for $44, why not!Vintage Etsy dealer Size is Just a Number, has a large assortment of vintage fashions all sorted by bust size so you can find a better fit. From what I’ve seen on this dealer, her clothes go all the way up to a modern size 24.



This totally gorgeous number comes in a size 18 for $28, the measurements the seller sites are across only one side of the garment. It is a knit and judging on the color, closure and skirt length this bad boy is from the 1970’s It is also a knit. Can’t beat that! This store called the Babery Underground, totes a cute tagline, and affordable prices! You could change this up with mismatched tights, belts, and some great jewelry.


I couldn’t help but post this gorgeous 1960’s size 16 jacket from Etsy seller Roly Poly Vintage. Her garments may have a higher price tag, but from the images I’ve seen, you are getting garments that are still in amazing shape! I can’t help but think with the new trend of mixed patterns being forecasted for the spring, this jacket would go amazing paired with a fantastic stripe or subtle plaid.


And I have to leave you on this gorgeous note, because Audri Hepburn called and said, beautiful curvaceous lady wear my dress! Please wear it with a large hat! This dress is so versatile I could go on for months, but instead I’ll leave you with the link to Thrift Store Mafia, so you can shop their plus sized vintage finds.

I hope some of you find a gorgeous piece to add to your wardrobe, a sense of confidence, the feel good feeling from supporting a small business, and the appreciation for how well these garments were made. Don’t expect to find anything from H&M or Forever 21 in a vintage store in 40 years, looking this good!

Have a wonderful week curvaceous fashionistas!

❤ Evelynlouise


Make your holiday greener

To my dearest readers,

I hope that you had a lovely holiday this past week and you enjoyed time with family and friends. I also hope some of you took the donation challenge and called up your local shelters. Many people think that organizations such as Goodwill and Salvation Army just provide for these organizations, and the truth is, they are fueled on donations like any other not for profit. So keep your fellow humans in mind this season.

I have been trying to articulate some very interesting buzz that’s been circulating around the fashion world for going on several decades. Mostly it’s the part of me who is very entrepreneurial in spirit, but a conservator at heart. For those of you who have been following along, fashion and positive body image are two topics very near and dear to my heart. However, the third topic which gets my blood boiling when it comes to fashion is its environmental foot print.



We cannot think about Christmas in the U.S. without associating it with the task of doing some shopping for our friends, loved ones, and co-workers. I think that we would all love to live in a world where we didn’t have to worry about natural habitats getting destroyed, or running out of natural supplies, or having the ability to grow all of the plants that we need to continue to live on this planet of ours. But the truth is, this just isn’t a reality. People have to become activists for their cause. It doesn’t always mean you stand in front of a political building with a sign, but it does mean that you inform yourself and you inform others. Where am I going with this?

Well recently I read this fantastically informative article about the impact of our fas fashion consumption on second hand markets. The numbers are just staggering, and to be honest after researching similar topics not even 5 years ago, the number just continue to grow.  We create 25 billion pounds of new clothing a year in the U.S. 85% of which ends up in a land fill at the end of it’s cycle. This is bad kids. Why? Because most of the clothing made today is made of materials that don’t biodegrade easily. The following is a pie chart provided by EPA estimates of what ends up in a landfill. According to the math above 21 billion pounds of the above new textiles will be added to landfills and according to the chart below that’s only a small slice of what’s ending up in the garbage.



You may be asking, what being environmental conscious has to do with when and where you are going to find the latest and greatest in plus sized dresses for next spring. The real issue is, if we don’t slow down with our consumption of clothing, one day we literally will have nothing left to consume. You can forget about shopping for this season’s latest boots and you will find yourselves at the mercy of whatever second hand markets exist, until every last piece of clothing has to be scrapped together.

I don’t bring this up so close to the holiday season to bring you down for going out and enjoying some shopping. However, I think it’s time to have some real talks about the things we are buying. I am just as guilty as all of you for purchasing things I don’t need. But as this holiday approaches and you start purging your house to make room for all your new Christmas goodies, not to mention the increase in trash you are going to have from the increased foot traffic in your home, here are my

Top 5 requests for a less ecologically impacted christmas:

  1. recycle everything you possibly can: paper, boxes, textiles, cans, paper plates, etc. Say no to styrofoam and remember those extra bags of trash you pitch at the holidays have to go somewhere.
  2. Look at purchasing quality clothing that will fall apart. Have a love affair with your clothing, love it until you’ve attached the last button you can sew on to it, love it until it falls off your person and then? recycle it.
  3. Try to shop local, support your local artisans, by supporting local businesses, you are decreasing the amount of carbon emissions used to ship goods and products to your door. You are also stimulating local economies which bring direct benefits to you and your community.
  4.  Keep an eye out for trends that are just going in the garbage in 3 months. Stop buying it! If everyone stops buying it and pushes for more sustainable products, retailers and creators will have to adapt. You control the market with your money. It doesn’t work with out millions of us and the dollars we put towards the products we buy.
  5. Tell your friends. Remind them about how they have a say in these crazy fashion cycles.

Here’s another individuals take on how to recycle your textiles, they have some pretty good tips. I don’t want you to feel bad about enjoying clothing, but I do want you to think about where it’s coming from and how we all are guilty of over consuming. Happy Shopping!

Hope to see you next week!

❤ Evelynlouise.