Trend Watch: Kimono wonder!

So I know that most of you are probably already aware that Kimonos are hitting the fashion scene hard this season, but I have to say I have been taking note of them since early this summer. A royal blue silk chiffon and lace kimono at Urban Outfitters crossed my path, and though I couldn’t wear anything from that store if I tried. I am in love with these gorgeous and comfortable garments.  I had the pleasure of trying on this number at Torrid this weekend.


I know, I know, I’ve been on kind of a Torrid kick lately, but it’s been the one store I’ve successfully walked in to and found everything I wanted for the latest trends in my size in a flattering cut. But don’t let me get in to a rant about their sale racks. That said this gorgeous burnout velvet number is light weight, moves beautifully and is completed with some 1960’s flair fringe. The picture doesn’t do the fabric justice. It is so rich and dimensional with elements of sheer in between the velvet flowers. My only beef is the high low front and back, which for those of us who are shorter this in an open style garment rather than a dress has a tendency to dwarf.

Top 3 Tips for finding a Kimono that is right for you:

1. If you have rounded shoulders keep in mind that kimono and dolman sleeves are not going to help define those bad boys. Sometimes this can have a negative affect turning your upper torso into a body with no definition. Try kimonos like the one on the right that have pattern in specific locations instead of an ALL over affect, try for Kimonos with shoulder defining detail like the one on the left, or choose a kimono that actually has separate sewn in sleeves. These will all help to give your shoulders some say in your style. kimono2 Collage


2. If you are like me and you have very wide hips look in to finding a kimono that is shorter and ends above the hip or just below it as garments that end at the hip, especially garments like a Kimono that have lots of volume will only help to add emphasis to the width of your hips. OR for those of you with no hips, look to Kimonos that focus fullness in this area as it will  emphasize and make your hips look wider balancing out wider shoulders.

3. Find a pattern and color that suits you. There are so many different patterns out right now, find one that makes you feel as elegant as these beautiful garments are. My personal Favorite is this purple number from Nordstroms.



And just to leave you with some fun, if you are like me and you enjoy making things. Here is a great compilation of some easy DIY Kimonos! I think I will be making a few of these myself! To be honest I may lengthen a few of these and turn them in to beautiful lounging robes for some christmas gifts. I just made my first one. Here’s a poorly taken picture of me modeling it!


Keep looking beautiful curvy ladies of the world!

❤ Evelynlouise



Lovely Lady Leggings…

I live in the mid-west, and for those of you who live around here, or for that matter lived anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere for the last winter knows how insanely cold it gets. The biggest bummer about the colder winter months is that you have to say goodbye to summer dresses and wonderfully full and colorful summer skirts! To add an extra bummer to ushering in the colder months, the ads for late fall and winter wear start coming in masse because the holiday seasons are on their way and stores want you to buy buy buy! I always see these adorable Christmas time spreads of unbelievably thin women rocking out their tube sweater dress and some leggings, with a big comfy fuzzy scarf and they look so warm and happy! You know what I’m talking about see this amazing walking Land’s End/ Loft/ Macy’s look below!

The underlying tones of what you have to have and who you have to be are all there! So, I’m getting a touch off point. Last year I decided I would not give up wearing my dresses. I am a dress wearer, I prefer dresses or skirts almost 9 times out of 10 over pants. So I went in search of some leggings and what a disaster!

Now Good news! For those of you who wear up to a size 18 you will be able to find an array of cute leggings and tights at your local Target! But for those of us in the larger half of the plus size spectrum, unless you want to wear only black leggings always and forever, you’re kind of screwed when it comes to selection. I finally found a pair of wide calf boots I actually like in a price range I could afford at Payless shoes this year, and I came home to look at my pitiful two pair collection of tights in burgundy and black. I knew shopping in stores was going to lead to tears, but the places I’ve found great tights, such as Mod Cloth are kind of disappointing this season. So I am raising my pumpkin spice latte in a toast this year to Torrid for having the most amazing selection of plus sized leggings on their website that I have ever seen. I own a pair of their black tights and I have to say, I absolutely love them! They are true to the sizing on the package and the cool thing about Torrid is that they have lots of online exclusives!


After also Looking through the Leggings, I remembered many of my peeves with these pant like garments. So with this I am going to throw in my 2 cents in the form of a top 3 things larger women should remember when wearing tights.

3. Just because they make it in your size doesn’t mean you should wear it. Plaid, horizontal stripes, and horizontal pattern tights are tights anyone should be wary of wearing. I love that plus size tights mean that you aren’t just stuck with solid colors, but it would be nice if they designed some patterns for larger ladies.

2. Always make sure you get the proper size. Leggings are supposed to be form fitting, but people shouldn’t be able to tell whether or not you’ve had a hysterectomy. Ladies, we are all guilty of it, but seriously I would rather have a properly fitting pair of tights that allow me to be comfortable and move freely, than a pair that are so tight that I have to constantly pull them out of my butt crack.

1. Leggings, especially in a professional setting can not be confused with pants. There are awesome new comfortable pants that are yoga pant fabric that have the cuts and shape as dress pants. They are made to be pants, but leggings were made to go under things. If you want to wear leggings as pants when you go hit the club, this is your prerogative and kudos to you for having such a positive body image, but please don’t do this to your co-workers. It looks sloppy and unprofessional, pretty wherever you work.  At least Jeggings have pockets so they just look like skinny jeans, keep this in mind as you dress for your job!

leggings2 leggins3leggings5

Plus sized or Instant Old Lady?


Walking in to work this week in my sensible shoes and grown woman neutral heather croft and barrow sweater I caught a reflection of myself in the mirrored windows at work and thought, who the hell is that old lady? Imagine my horror in noting it was me.  *sigh* Professional dress is depressing, especially in plus sizes. What is it about a sensible sweater that goes from looking cute and crazy fashionable on a size 8 and turns into insta-octogenarian on bigger ladies?


Some times you just need a rant. Here are my top 5 largest beefs with women’s plus size professional dress.

1. Taking a smaller design and making it bigger does not mean it’s going to look good on your body. For Example Cap sleeves on larger arms, or raglan short sleeves. While some of us were blessed with super awesome and strong shoulders others of us have some extra stuffing that smoothes out these angles. So what ends up happening with shirts like a raglan peasant blouse is that we end up just looking completely rounded off under the neck. I don’t know about any of you, but this does me absolutely no favors! If you have a bigger bust, forget about it raglan sleeves in general just end up making you look rounder.

  • I don’t like to gripe without some solution so if you can stick with garments that have actual sleeves. If you’re like me you ride a fine line with wide rounded shoulders, so you want something that has a defined sleeve, but you have to steer clear of jackets with padding as they tend to make you look super wide if admittedly less round.muffin-top

2. High-waisted tight waist bands are just what dress pants are supposed to be right? I don’t care what size you are there are so many complaints about dress pants, and unless you’ve finally given in and gone out to buy 15 pair of those new “yoga dress pants,” you probably assume dress pants are just supposed to cut your body in to two pieces. Dress pants are a flawed design. They are fitted at the natural waist, so those of us who want to wear them where we wear our jeans (you know the comfortable way) end up with a giant red angry line across our bellies by the end of the day. You think that going up a size would fix this problem, but instead what it does is it takes a pair of pants that fit, for the most part, on all the other parts of our body are now going to sag off of you and in my opinion only succeed in making anyone wearing them look frumpy. These tight waisted dress slacks if worn at the proper height also accentuate muffin top and for some of us rolls that we’d like to forget are lurking on the underside of our belly button. Light dress slacks? Forget it! You can see ever dimple in each of my butt cheeks, and I refuse to wear uncomfortable pantyhose underneath even more uncomfortable pants. I’d like to say I have a solution to this issue. I have three suggestions, but I feel in the long run they may be impractical.

  • Have a pair of dress pants custom made for you in a nice slimming dark charcoal, slate blue, navy, brown or black. Picking a neutral means that the high price tag of these pants at least means they will go with everything. If you’re a sew-er, simplicity came out with design and fit your own dress pants patterns.
  • Get the pair of pants that gives you a bit of sag-butt and take them to a tailor, custom tailoring again, can go a long way.
  • Do what I’ve resorted to, and just wear skirts. Isn’t that a frustrating notion?






3. Whoever decided to bring button down oxfords into style for women knew anyone with boobs or a muffin top was doomed. If you’re chesty, or if you just like to not swim in your button down’s you have an issue with front gap. Not to mention most traditional oxford button downs look better tucked in, I don’t know about any of you, but the tucked in look isn’t something I’ve sported since being in my middle school show choir. My solution?

  • Avoid them all together, or look for button downs that have interest in them in the way of cool sleeves, yokes, or belts. I try to stick to shirts that I don’t have to tuck in.
  • If you just love these shirts too much to kick them out of your wardrobe all together then try getting the size that fits your boobs and once again make your way to a tailor.

4. Just because I need a larger pattern to not look like a couch does not mean I want that pattern to look like a neon paisley nightmare. Every year I see these great patterns coming out for regular/ average size women. Polka dots, great giant buffalo plaids, floral prints in fun and current color ranges, crisp geometric color blocking. What happens to the plus size garments? The plus size fashion industry must have had an insane surplus of rejeted color ways and misprints from the bad half of the 1970’s. Everything is abstracted paisley, long wavy lines in varying color combos or my personal favorite abstracted animal prints. I’m ready for some variety! My solutions?

  • Have it made or make it yourself in a normal person pattern or a solid color you actually look good in/ like.
  • Shop online for colors and patterns you’d wear, don’t pay lots of money in a department store for something you’re just sort of okay with.


5. No matter how many of them you produce, no matter how many colors, patterns or size ranges “sensible 1-2″ wide 1” tall square toe, semi-pointed toe or loafer toe pumps, I will never wear you. Why you might ask? This professional fashion staple of the 80’s and early 90’s does nothing for your figure, your feet, or your fashionable spirit. If I’m going to cram my feet into a pair of uncomfortable non-breathable  narrow shoes for 8-12 hours a day, they better be an expression not an understatement.  Although do I have room to talk? I don’t know I’d wear Mary Janes everyday if I could.

  • My solution: Wear shoes that you find comfortable, that you like to look at and go with our outfits. Crocs have come out with a series of dress shoes that are pretty darn comfortable.
  • Don’t let anyone pressure you in to heels if you’re not a heel wearer. You won’t wear them.


Halloween Real Talk

Halloween is by far one of my favorite holidays. I think it’s always been because it’s the one holiday out of the year that you don’t have to get too stressed out, it’s about having fun and no one has a screaming match over who’s mashed potatoes have the best consistency (unless maybe you’ve had one too many jello shots). My parents weren’t ones to take me trick-or-treating as an infant to reap the rewards of my adorable leg rolls, but I can remember my first halloween costume. It was a two piece set of pajamas and I was a pumpkin complete with hat. My mother let me run around the living room in it while trick-or-treaters came to the door to get their candy. I think my dad took me to the neighbors, but I could’t wait to get to go trick or treating for real!

My mother was a wizard at making creative halloween costumes, and I had a pretty kick ass witch costume complete with hand made broom. However, one of my all time favorite costumes was this bad boy. A super wicked awesome dinosaur!  Looking back, the dino mask looks a little special, but I was most definitely pleased. I believe this is also the first year I got to go trick or treating. I was 4.


Now, as you prepare for your Halloween season I’m sure many of you may already have some awesome ideas, but for those of you who enjoy a store bought costume here are my Top 5 tips for making any costume look better on your body! Well unless you’re going for the most gruesome disgusting costume ever, and if this is the case have at it!

  1. Get some Spanx. Even it’s Walmart equivalent, it will help smooth out lumps and bumps on your body. Those store costumes are not made to hold in anything, they are generally really cheaply constructed. This tool is my #1 advice for liking your body in a thin knit dress version of your favorite ghoulish character.  
  2. If Spanx aren’t your favorite, you’re wearing a dress costume, or you are afraid of how short your skirt is I recommend a brand of nude panty hose called Assets. They are pretty inexpensive, come in plus sizes and not only smooth out your tummy and back side, but they also really smooth out your legs. In addition to this they add some added warmth for wearing outside in the crisp fall weather.
  3. Get some real accessories. Nothing takes a flapper girl costume from looking cheap and fake to super awesome and old timey like some real accessories. What do I mean by that? Go to you local vintage store, Goodwill, even Claires and find some real metal jewelry, rather than the plastic stuff that comes in the kits. I promise you, it’s what they photograph those models with and then send you the cheap knock offs. It doesn’t have to be expensive to complete your look.
  4. If you are not a heel wearer, no amount of spiced rum apple cider is going to make you a heel wearer. The biggest mistake of all of my friends in college was thinking that All Hallows Eve is the night that your feet will magically be transformed into dainty elegant dancers. If you can’t walk in heels in your normal life, avoid them. You will have more fun and still be super cute in flats. No one wants to hear you whine about how much your feet hurt.
  5. Ladies, Let’s have some real talk. It’s perfectly fine if you want to dress as the “slutty” version of a small animal, but have some dignity buy the right size costume.  I know it’s difficult some times to admit that you wear the 4x to the gentleman who is handing out the halloween costumes at the costume shop, but he’s been working in this business long enough to know that there is no way the size Medium is doing anything for you or the polyester knit enclosed in the plastic envelope.

Now that that is out of the way! Have a great time! If you don’t have a party to attend see what some of your local bars or social clubs are doing. Enjoy your version of Halloween even if that means eating too much candy and watching scary movies on the couch!

Curvaceous Halloween

Hello October!

This year I have to say I’m a bit unprepared for the Halloween season, but in the midwest Fall is one of the most coveted seasons of the year. Be it the pumpkin spice everything, Halloween, or football season (not my cup of tea), almost everyone I know gets super pumped about this quarter of the year.

This will not be my only entry on Halloween, but to get all of us in the mood I’ve decided to highlight some super awesome classic costumes. If you just can’t live without any of these costumes please click on the pictures and it will take you to the link where you can purchase them.


A fun and colorful take on the Skeleton.


Our Classic Lady of Darkness, Ms Elvira.

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 3.07.37 PM

A Disney Villan.


Pirate Costue/ Add different accessories and it totally works as Steampunk




Sexy Animal


Super hero


Classic Horror

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 3.27.05 PM

Sports- Even though I am not a huge sports fan, this costume is just too stinking cute! A Legue of Their Own!


I hope you enjoyed and tune in next week for my tips and tricks for a better fitting/ looking/ feeling costume.

❤ Evelynlouise