Boots, boots, boots

Oh that fall weather is coming and  for some of us it is already here. With it comes the excitement of buying new shoes. Well, unless you’re like me and you look forward to not having to wear socks, and the thought of cramming you feet in actual shoes makes you sad inside, but I digress. Usually the biggest excitement in the fall fashion world for shoes is boot season. For this reason I have this blog entry on request from a friend of mine from college. For larger ladies this can sometimes be very frustrating as it’s not just an issue of what color boots to choose, but whether the zippers will make it past your ankles.

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A few tips on boot searches and buying:

  • If you’re like me you have wider calves than almost any boot in a normal store. When searching use the term “wide calf” boots. – DSW has some amazing boots and they sell both wide widths and wide calf boots on their website.
  • Search online at stores like DSW and have the boots shipped to a location nearest you – this or ask someone in the store to order a few pair, so you can try them on and not have to worry about the shipping costs.
  • Measure before you buy – the great thing about perusing store websites is that it will tell you the circumference of the calf in it’s wide calf boots. If You’ve ever tried on taller boots you know that the widths can vary amongst the normal sizes. Use a tape measurer and measure around the widest part of the calf. The description should give you the  calf measurement.
  • If you don’t order from a store, make sure the website has a generous and speedy return policy. Buying boots is expensive, add 3 rounds of shipping for trying on, returning and having new boots sent, it gets ridiculous. Make sure you verify the website you are using has a generous return policy like zappos, who will accept your return up to one year after a purchase for free.
  • Go in to a shoe store and have your foot measured. Places like Shoe Carnival still do accurate measurements on the foot, so you know what you’re ordering is correct.
  • Keep in mind if you are shorter in stature, boots that hit at the knee tend to shorten your stature, look for an awesome ankle boot to elongate your legs.

And because I don’t want to completely re-invent the wheel, this blogger had a similar entry almost a year ago about wide calf boots. She has compiled a great list of stores that either carry these styles of boots, or have them available for order!

The Style Supreme: Where to Shop for Wide Calf Boots


I may have to try on some boots this season. Buckles and sectioned style lines seem to be a super important part of this years styles for boots, no matter what height you end up with. Happy Fall Boot Shopping!

❤ Evelynlouise


Some of my plus picks for Fall


Fall is coming and with it all the comforts and cuddles of warmer clothing. However, as I embark on this year I would like to see myself break my black cardigan rut and find beautiful fashions that remind me I am not only a beautiful plus sized woman, but I’m also not dead yet. With this also comes concerns of how much money I am spending on clothing and so I have compiled a few cost effective looks below.  I hope you enjoy a few of the budget friendly fall looks I’ve put together for all of you plus fall fashionistas out there! As always you can find these looks or pieces by clicking on the pictures and following the links through Polyvore.


Curve the Line – Look comes in at $153

For this look I was going for something business casual that could be worn out or to the office.  The two tone chevron sweater breaks up the lines of the body and adds emphasis on the natural curve of the waist. Black flared leg dress slacks slim the thigh and add length to the leg. Cute Knotted heather jersey ballet flats to bring a touch of interest to the feet and this super pretty mermaid scale watch and hands clutch. This look screams for some additional colorful accessories and because all of the pieces utilize neutrals each piece could easily be matched with other pieces in your wardrobe.


High Contrast Casual – Look comes in at $157

I have always been a fan of White house Black Market but I have never been able to shop there. That said I am a huge fan of the contrasts of their clothing. In this look I have paired a distressed pair of Maurices boot cut jeans with a black and white floral silhouette tank from Torrid. Overtop I have added this super sexy and sleek military style jacket with flattering princess seams. To finished this polished casual look/ night on the town look I have added patent leather mary jane flats and this awesome geometrical cut white bag with black Finnish. I think this look could be changed up with colorful camisole, different hand bags and colorful earrings and necklaces.


Fall Boho – Look comes in at $159.00

I tend to dress in muted tones. I think its a rut that many plus size women happen upon. We are told that black is slimming so we never stop wearing it. Maybe some of us are more brave when it comes to color. Bright, bold and rich colors is something many people love about fall, so embrace the beautiful hues that fall has to offer with something comfortable and colorful I have chosen this pink, taupe and teal plaid chiffon top to pair with a golden yellow cardigan, a soft jersey dark teal skirt and golden brown sued slouch boots. In keeping with the very bold colors of the the outfit I have chosen this buttery brown faux leather purse and bracelet set all with silver and brass embellishment.


These Boots are Made for Walking– Look comes in at $99

Fall is the time of year that I embrace my ability to wear a midi-skirt or lighter weight dress. The great thing about fall dresses is that you can change up your looks with new tights, shoes, scarves and accessories. I chose this rich purple lace dress because it is nipped at the natural waist and has a skirt that ends right at the knee. Paired with some vertical lined tights to slenderize the lines of your legs and topped off with a bold fall ankle boot. Make this look complete with matching accessories or pop it with colored accessories, either way this is a look that can transition from fall day to fall night.


Little Black POP! – Look comes in at $258

This look was more of an “I want all of these things, more than i care how expensive they are” kind of get together for me. However, this said the Dress and tights come in at only $86. Torrid has some amazing little black dresses out this season and I still sweat by the infinite versatility of an LBD. Fall means that the colors of spring are on their way out, but no reason you can’t give them one last hurrah by mixing them with very fall colors such as mustard yellows or bold orange or red.

I hope you all enjoyed, and if you want any of these items, like I said click the pictures, go to Polyvore and follow the links, all of these items are sold in plus sizes and can be obtained while supplies last!

Thanks readers,

❤ Evelynlouise

Talk about fabulous

Here’s the full length documentary here.

This is a link to several clips from a great documentary called Fabulous Fashionistas. The documentary follows the lives of several women all over the ages of 65 and their direct connections with fashion.

When I taught a class about consumer markets I used to assign this documentary, as it opens 20 year old eyes to new possibilities in the fashion world. The trouble with fashion is that you are steeped in it 24 hours a day. Clothing, advertising, shopping, the internet, it’s all encompassing. Love it or hate it, it’s a part of our lives. But the purpose for assigning this to my students has always been to get individuals to open their eyes. This is not just a high paced exclusive industry that focuses on women in their mid teens to late 20’s. The market is broken down into niche’s and genre’s. This documentary not only gives you an excellent look at a demographic we rarely discuss in women’s wear, but it shows us that you don’t truly die when you turn 30.


I like to think that one day I’ll be 90 years old and rocking out some crazy neons or even better have my own crazy style like Sue here. Some inspiration for your week.

❤ Evelynlouise

Girl on Girl Crime

So, I recently re-watched mean girls, because common it’s hilarious. Not to mention we were all on one side of this in high school. With the recent media attention to bullying we are really focusing on our kids and how we can get them to be kinder to one another. But I raise you this question? How are our kids supposed to learn to not bully each other when the adults, media, advertising and industry have centered themselves on making profits out of our insecurities and our unwillingness to be like “those people”? Who are “those people” anyway? My opinion? Those people tend to embody a group of individuals that we personally find to be repulsive or are so different from ourselves that their differences make us uncomfortable. The advertising world has made a killing off of our need to maintain our social norms, whatever those may be.

This week instead of some great fashion fact or focus on how to renew your clothing, I want you to focus on you.

I present to you a challenge.

One day in the next week, while you are out and about grocery shopping, hanging out with friends I want you to really listen to what you say about complete strangers. Did you call that woman in her provocatively cut skirt a slut? Did you make fun of that man in front of you and his inability to match plaids with anything? Did you make a snap judgment about someone based on their hair style? Of course you did!

It only takes 30 seconds to make a first impression of someone. And the purpose of this challenge isn’t to get you to undo hundreds of years of socialization and daily norms that are incorporated into our culture, but instead I want you to focus on how much YOU say or do these things. Once you catch yourself berating another person you’ve never met before, hopefully internally. I want you to ask yourself why?

Why is the woman in front of me at the Starbucks wearing her juicy sweat pants aberrant to me? Why does her attire make me upset? Why do I care?

I gave myself this challenge and just the conscious effort to ask yourself why you’re judging someone based on their appearance makes you realize just how many times in a day we do this. It also makes you hyper aware that other people might be thinking or saying the same things about you.

How are we going to change this cultures views on our body image if we can’t first change the way we interact with a complete stranger who just happens to be wearing leggings as pants? ( For those of you who know me, you know this is one of my biggest fashion peeves, but I don’t solve anything by judging someone based on their lack of pants).

I could go further into a feminist ideology of how our culture is a revolving door of slut shaming and rape culture, but I think we read way too much of that in the news. This week, I want you to turn it around on yourself. What makes feel entitled to be hateful about what makes someone else comfortable? Media? Culture? Ads?

In the end when you break it down, does someone’s Crock clogs really affect what kind of person they are?

Just something to think about.