Learning Color Basics through Fashion

Ever wonder why Christmas colors look so bold together? Or why you can’t seem to get certain colors to match with anything else? Some of you may already be aware of color and it’s uses. Some of you may have an art background that has given you this knowledge, but for others color is a tricky beast. Most of us have a favorite color, all of us have a color we don’t enjoy, and we all end up creating our own color schemes whether it be in our wardrobes, our houses or our lives. Some of us may apply color with a pallet knife and others of us may use it sparingly.

Today I diverge from fashion only briefly to look at color terminology so as better to explain why some things look better together than others.

Now this color description is based on pigments and dyes not on printing ink which runs on a different color set.

We always start with the primary colors (Red, Blue and Yellow). These colors are used to mix most colors.

primary colors


We Use these colors to make what are called secondary colors (Orange, Green, and Violet).


Then we mix the secondary colors with their neighboring primary colors to create tertiary colors (Red -violet, Red-orange, Yellow-orange, Yellow-Green, Blue-green, Blue-Violet).


Now within this color wheel, combination of these colors create very specific color ways.  The first is complimentary colors. Complementary colors occurs when two colors on opposite sides of the color wheel are used together. Think Red and Green for Christmas.  When these colors sit side by side they actually fight for your eyes attention and thereby look brighter.


Then when you have three colors that sit next to each other on the color wheel you get what is called analogous colors. these colors create a combination that work well together. They are very aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Think citrus colors.


When you cut the wheel in half there are groupings of colors known as warm and cool colors. Two colors can fall into both categories, Red-violet and Yellow-green. They can fit in either category based on what colors are used with them.

Warm Colors

Warm Colors


Cool Colors

Cool Colors


When you add ranges of black or white you get shades and tints respectively. This is how you end up with a whole range of monochromatic colors.


Thanks for taking an art tour of fashion with us. Think about these color schemes while planning your outfits and go crazy with whatever colors combinations you can come up with. I hope you enjoyed!

Yours Truly,




Skirt/ Pants/ What?

Dearest Readers,
As is my mission apparently to make sure that everyone not only loves the clothes they wear, but also knows as much about them as they would like, I am continuing on with my series about identifying clothing types. This Entry will be about skirts and Pants.



These are pretty accurate when you are looking at and describing skirts, the only things that might change is the presence of a waist band and the length. for example you can have a maxi tulip skirt, or a midi ruffled skirt and so on and so on.

And just for clarification here is a great reference for skirt length descriptions. 


So while we are discussing the lower half of our bodies, let’s quickly talk about the great sadness that is pants for plus sized women. I want us all to take a deep breath and understand that just because a style doesn’t look or fit right does not mean there aren’t plenty of other styles to choose from. If you like many have an issue with the gapping from hip to waist seek out a tailor or find pants that cater to this waist to hip ratio like Catherine’s and Lane Bryant.




Now I made a funny up here, what you choose to do with leggings is your own business. However, may I make a suggestion? If you are dressing in a professional manner for work or an interview. Think of leggings more along the vein as pantyhose and use them as such in those settings, you will find you get a more positive reaction from your co-workers/ potential employers. What you choose to do in the street is about your own expression!

I hope these terms and visuals are helpful to you while on your quest for an amazing just-for-you wardrobe!


Best Regards,



That which we call a top by any other name…

In my time as a fashionista, a consumer and an instructor of fashion design something that is lost on the general public is the terminology associated with this profession. If I asked you to true up a sloper you would most likely look at me as if I had broccoli growing out of my ears. And that’s understandable, you most likely don’t work in the fashion industry. But something even more frustrating is being a consumer who is presented with a million options and a limited word base.


Have you ever looked at someone and said something similar to this?

“I loved that dress it was really fitted right in here (pointing toward center torso) and then it had this really cool neck thing and the sleeves came to about here (motioning in the vicinity of the elbow) and it was polka dotted.”



Having a basic knowledge of clothing descriptions can not only help you narrow down what it is you are looking for, but it can help you better search for it on the internet, ask your store clerks for specifics and make watching “Project Runway” a whole lot more interesting.

Now before we go off the deep end I am going to start with tops. This said most of the information you will find below will also come in handy when discussing dresses, but more on those later. I want to give these pieces of info slowly so I don’t smell your brains cooking from across the internet.





There are hundreds if not thousands of variations on these necklines, but the gist is still the same. A round necked garment is still a round neck even it if is done with layers or has beading and embroidery. But when we get into Collars not all tops are treated equally!




Now I use this collar illustration, that appears to have been made in the 80’s, but is super informative.

The collars on the far left are you flat collars. Center left are your stand collars. Center right Partial roll collars. And far right Full roll collars.



Here are your basic sleeve types and their corresponding terms. Now length is another thing to discuss.


We have from top to bottom in order: sleeveless, cap, short, 2/3rd sleeve, 3/4 sleeve and long.


So now that you are armed (pun intended) with the basic knowledge of fashion terminology! Try it out. Now you an say, “I have this great cap sleeve top with a rounded neckline and a peter pan collar that I just love wearing!” And let’s not forget knowledge is power especially as a consumer!

More on pants, dresses and fitting style lines later! Stay tuned!

Your Fabulous Fashionista,


Wear Gray for a Day

This week I am going to take a brief break from advising all of us curvy and beautiful women about quality dress. Instead I would like to take a moment to introduce you to an amazing woman, who definitely had that whole body love things down pat.  I would also love to extend a request to all of you fashionable ladies out there to take a day in the month of may to wear gray for brain cancer awareness. Gray for a day to celebrate life!


I met Danielle my freshman year in drawing class, I didn’t know much about her except that she didn’t like to draw and during our final project she cut the ever loving crap out of herself trying to cut out her half scale self portraits as tank girl. She was in art school for photography. She was diagnosed with brain cancer as a freshman in college. I can’t speak to her experiences at that time as I didn’t really get to know her until several years later.

In the midst of crazy adversity and some economic issues (that’s a polite way of saying we were broke) this lovely woman was so kind as to take my wedding photography for what seems now to be such an underpayment of her talent. However, because of this life event and several others prior  to our wedding, Danielle and i had that the opportunity to get to know one another and I quite enjoyed the friendship that we fostered during the last 3 years of her life.

So you say, Evelynlouise, what does this have to do with being an amazing fashionista?
It doesn’t really, it has mostly to do with my desire to keep her memory alive, and to remember all the crazy awesome things she did with her fashion and her photography in the short time she was with us. She was a woman of true style and gumption, and I hope that all of us will one day have this sense of confidence all the way to the end, even if we know it’s coming because life is just to short not to.

danielle style

danielle hawk


Thanks for indulging me.

Tune in Next week for better ways to identify your wardrobe.

Love Always,